About Sentar

Sentar’s Global Reach

Sentar has established relationships in countries across the globe with partners well-known in their respective markets. While these associates bring the local infrastructure needed for manufacturing and distribution, Sentars’ team brings United States Food and Drug Administration standards, along with business development experience to emerging markets in desperate need of access to safer drug supplies. Asia and the Middle East are two key players in the developing world; making a move into these markets both timely and important. As emerging markets begin to establish their own pharmaceutical supply chains, these markets will demand greater safety and quality in available products. This is where Sentars’ team of experts and innovators can close the gap between emerging and established pharmaceutical manufacturing markets.

About Sentar Pharmaceuticals

A multi-dimensional firm committed to rethinking the standard approach to traditional pharmaceutical applications, Sentar is innovating the way common drugs are delivered to patients across the globe. With our patent-pending technology, Sentars’ novel application is well suited for pharmaceuticals in every category, While Sentar Pharmaceuticals’ has begun its initial focus on lifestyle pharmaceuticals, it is quickly expanding its research efforts into other sectors. To read more about our products, please visit the ‘Products’ page by clicking here.